ICO Smokerlyzer
ICO Smokerlyzer
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ICO Smokerlyzer

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What Is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

CO is a poisonous gas that you cannot smell or see. It is formed by combustion and is
produced in car exhaust fumes, faulty gas boilers and tobacco smoke.

When you inhale smoke from a cigarette, CO is absorbed into your blood through the lungs.

Oxygen is carried around the body by red blood cells.

CO binds with haemoglobin in the red blood cells to form carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb) preventing red blood cells from carrying oxygen.

CO binds with haemoglobin 200 times more readily than oxygen. A very heavy smoker may have 10% of their blood cells taken up by CO, depriving the body of oxygen.


What is a Smokerlyzer®?
Smokerlyzers are a range of breath CO monitors and testers which measure the small amounts of CO in exhaled breath. The more you smoke, the higher your CO reading will be.

The reading is given in ppm, which is the number of CO molecules in a million parts of air. The ppm reading can also tell you how much CO is in the blood (the %COHb) reading). %COHb is the percentage of red blood cells carrying CO instead of oxygen. The amount of CO in an unborn baby’s blood is referred to as %FCOHb (percentage of foetal carboxyhaemoglobin). Some of the Smokerlyzer range can analyse %FCOHb as an incentive to stop smoking and comply with new NICE guidelines for smoking in pregnancy.

The world’s first Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor for your smartphone

Ideal for Personal Use, Health Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies

Features and Benefits
• A portable CO monitor that can fit in your pocket.
• Connects to app on your phone or tablet.
• Send your results to your doctor, smoking cessation advisor, family member or friend.
• One person use, private, tailored, individual experience.
• Monitors your progress, encouraging you to quit smoking.